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Astwood Bank Scout Group Logo
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Latest News

  • District Camp - Blackwell Pikes Pool 2018 +

    A gallery of images from Cubs' district camp at Blackwell Pikes Pool in 2018 Read More
  • Astwood Bank Centenary Camp +

    A short video showing the highlights of the Centenary Camp for Astwood Bank Scout Group Read More
  • Blackwell 2016 +

    A gallery of images from Cubs' visit to Blackwell adventure in 2016 Read More
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1stAstwoodBank RT @ABankCarnival: Let’s take a look back at what Carnival day was like! Massive thanks to a carnival friends and support Laura and Jonat…
1stAstwoodBank RT @ScoutsRedditch: The Trek is a great one-day event for Scouts, Explorers, Network & adult leaders/volunteers. Taking place on the first…
1stAstwoodBank RT @hwwsj2019: Heading home after a truly amazing 24 hours on Brownsea Island. It was amazing to get back to our Scouting roots. More pictu…
1stAstwoodBank RT @hwwsj2019: We’ve woken up to a lovely day here on Braggers Wood Campsite! After breakfast we are straight into activities starting with…
1stAstwoodBank RT @RedditchESU: Friday was our last evening of the term, so how better to celebrate than with sparklers?